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My Story

My name is Austin McEown and I welcome you to my website! I've been a self taught contemporary visual artist ever since I first started drawing when I was a kid. I started making oil paintings professionally in 2012. A little about me: In November of 2019 I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma which truly changed my life forever. The doctors told me it was so far advanced the odds of survival were not in my favor because of how much the cancer had spread and metastasized throughout multiple areas of my body including my lymph nodes, collarbone, spine and spleen and bone marrow. I had twelve rounds of intensive chemotherapy. They used to bring me a large box full of fluids and some of them felt like battery acid flowing into my veins. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to endure. Words can't describe the feeling of your body constantly weighing you down each day yet having to push yourself through the pain and keep going. Ever since then it made me realize how precious life truly is which made me want to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a full-time artist selling prints of my original oil paintings. Feel free to browse my online gallery and find that perfect piece that speaks to you. All of my works are original and painted by me throughout the years. I thank you for your continued love and support ♡


Road to Remission


What makes Road to Remission so special to me is that it's what helped me make it through everything. I worked on it while going through my twelve chemotherapy sessions while battling stage 4 cancer. I would have no energy most days, but somehow still found the motivation to keep going despite the pain. I thought to myself "if this was going to be my last painting I ever made before I die, then I wanted it to showcase all the techniques I've learned over the many years of me being an artist" It symbolizes my strength, dedication, hope and prosperity, to never stop fighting for what you love.


Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my products or for any commission based inquiries

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